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The process starts with a conversation. I will provide you will a complementary consultation where I will listen to your real estate needs and desires as well as tour your property. After this initial meeting, I will do extensive research to uncover the value of your property based on current market conditions. At our next meeting, this research will be presented to you so that all of the involved parties can make an informed decision on exactly how to market your home and what to expect during the process.

Speaking of marketing, the marketing tools and support available through Barrett | Sotheby's International are the most impressive that the Real Estate world has to offer. Not all Barrett | Sotheby's homes are multi-million dollar estates, but we are committed to providing each customer with multi-million dollar services. Each home is presented with premium marketing materials and shared through a multitude of media in order to get your home in front of the widest International audience possible. Let me show you what we can do!

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What I Do As Your Listing Agent

  1. Collect information on the subject property; obtain Deed, Plot Plan (if available)
  2. Research property with Building Department (e.g., review building jacket and make copies of relevant information, permits, review any zoning changes)
  3. Analyze comparative market data to recommend appropriate listing price
  4. Recommend an attorney, if needed
  5. Advise seller on repairs/improvements that could increase sale price and/or avoid problems
  6. Contact service providers for improvement projects and get quotes
  7. Review information with sellers and schedule service providers
  8. Develop a customized schedule for duration of the listing period
  9. Schedule and pay for professional floor plans and creation of virtual tour
  10. Verify living area square footage
  11. Schedule and pay for professional photographer
  12. Monitor market and keep seller up to date on any changes that could affect sale price
  13. Write a detailed description of the property for marketing purposes
  14. Invite agents from my office to preview prior to entering the property into MLS
  15. Place a For Sale Sign on property, with permission
  16. Prepare MLS property sheet and obtain seller's initials
  17. Input property into MLS and third-party websites (third-party websites pick-up listing within 24 hours)
  18. Host public broker open house; discuss with seller if brokers can bring buyers
  19. Advertise property through our extensive worldwide relocation partners
  20. Advertise property in local newspapers
  21. Reach out to colleagues at other real estate companies to notify them of listing
  22. Develop marketing material to be distributed at open houses
  23. Accompany all showings and provide feedback on all showings
  24. Conduct open houses as discussed with seller
  25. Provide additional support with another agent from my office at open houses, if needed
  26. Receive offers and ensure all paperwork is complete
  27. Compile a spreadsheet of the offers
  28. Discuss offers and advise seller of options
  29. Call lender to learn about financial strength of potential buyer prior to accepting the offer
  30. Negotiate offers
  31. Hold escrow deposit money
  32. Attend home inspection and negotiate, if needed
  33. Work closely with attorney and lender to ensure a smooth and timely transaction
  34. Coordinate signing of Purchase & Sale Agreement
  35. Meet appraiser and provide information (e.g., how many offers were received, comparable property data sheets, P&S) to support sale price
  36. Keep informed about mortgage commitment
  37. Prepare property for fire inspection by making sure smoke/CO detectors are up to code
  38. Schedule and obtain Smoke Detector/CO Certificate
  39. Schedule final readings (water, oil and electric if applicable)
  40. Prepare closing package for attorney (invoice, smoke/CO certificate, final readings)
  41. Schedule and attend final walk through

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